What our students    

             are saying ...

”When my son was 5, we toured the various TaeKwonDo schools in the area via the birthday party circuit. It wasn't until we went to Cho's TaeKwonDo that he asked - begged - to try TKD... We both love the school, Master Cho, Miss Kelly and all the instructors....  

[my son] has improved his focus, discipline and commitment to achieving his goals.  But most important, my son has found a home there. He's found a place where he feels safe and secure; where he can challenge and be challenged; where he can grow and be supported; and where he is happy to be -- every day. I couldn't ask for more for my son.”  - H.A.

“We have been with Master Cho since 20008. Initially for my 8-year old son, and very quickly, I also decided to join because not only is Master Cho great at TKD technically but he also provides a great intellectual and philosophical content... In 2012 we moved to NYC, and tried to find a place closer to our new home, in vain. And then I just decided that we would go back, even though it meant we had to drive back and forth every week. It is more than worth it, to that point that now my younger son (almost 8 as well now) joined last year. So now we are 3 to take classes at Cho's TKD. And I must say it has been the best father-son bonding experience and quality time ever. It is also certainly contributed to the overall education of my kids.” - D.T.

“We LOVE Cho's Tae Kwon Do! Master Michael Cho is amazing. He is able to work with anyone from 4 to 74 years old and has the uncanny ability to know exactly what each student needs at any moment to move forward. All five members of our family have studied at Cho's Tae Kwon Do at different times over the past 8 years. Master Cho sets high expectations for himself and his students. His focus on correct form and showing respect is unlike anything I've seen at other Tae Kwon Do schools... We wouldn't study anywhere else.” --E.M.

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