White Belt

Represents innocence.

Symbolizes the beginning for a student who has no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon-Do.

Yellow Belt - Keon

Represents a plant seed beginning to sprout and break through the earth towards the sun..

Keon, which means Heaven or Light, represents a student understanding that the through training, they will constantly change and learn to be creative and to work diligently to create a strong foundation for themselves.


Orange Belt - Tae

Represents the Dawn and its colorful sky in which the rising sun nurtures the growing plant as it prepares for new growth.

Tae, which means Joyfulness, shows the students that through hard work and training, they can achieve anything and be joyful of their accomplishment once thought impossible.

Green Belt - Ri

Symbolizes the plant's growth as the students Tae Kwon Do skills begin to develop.

Ri, which means Fire, symbolizes a students unpredictable pace and continuous desire for knowledge.

Blue Belt - Jin

Signifies the sky, towards which the plant matures into a towering tree as training in Tae Kwon Do progresses.

Jin, which means Thunder, shows the confidence gained by all the training the student has done. Through this confidence, the student shows bravery and calmness in the face of danger and fear.

Purple Belt - Seon

Represents the changing sky of dawn and signifies the tree’s maturity.

Seon, which means Wind, provides the student with the opportunity to control force of attack and defense,and  to be gentle or forceful. This contrast of changing direction or strength provides the student with complete control of themselves mentally and physically. The student is transitioning to become an advanced martial artist and begins to understand the true meaning of Tae Kwon Do.

Brown Belt - Gam

Symbolizes the ripening of the seed. The fruitfulness of the student’s hard work is now being recognized by the student.

Gam, which represents Water, provides the student with fluidity in their techniques. Students practice their techniques with the awareness that they may use a object or its surroundings to accomplish their task.

Red Belt - Gan

Signifies the red-hot sun as the plant continues to grow and ripen.

Gan, which means Mountain, is a sign of strength and power. Students learn to become more stable with their techniques and not to be hasty. This is the beginning to becoming more effective with their knowledge and abilities.

Bodan Belt - Gon

The changing of day to Dusk. A full day of growing draws to an end. But where there is dusk, there always follows another dawn.

Gon, which means Earth, is the accumulation of all of the above. Like the Earth, students must understand the meaning of each of the other elements to become whole. Students must learn to be steadfast, majestic, peaceful, graceful and overpowering all at the same time. Though starting out as a seedling, the students is near its end as a fully matured tree with new paths and challenges that lay ahead

Black Belt

Represents the darkness beyond the sun.

A black belt is not the end for students. This is the beginning of our training in which we use all the elements mentioned above and all the years of training to seek more from the martial arts. Beginning with teaching  others and helping them grow into their own Tae Kwon Do “plant”. Their students, many of whom will form roots deep into the art, blossom and grow through the ranks in a never-ending process of self-growth, knowledge and enlightenment.



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